I surrendered to the call to preach when I was 14 years old and preached my first sermon at 15 on my mother’s 40th birthday…August 24, 1986.

I desperately wanted those I went to High School with to know the freedom I had found in Christ. Every day before school I would pray that they would see Jesus in me.

All this was good and flowed from a heart that wanted to please God more than anything. The error I made as a teenager was to equate righteous living with keeping the peace at all costs. I illustrated how bad my peace-at-all-costs thinking had gotten by my senior year in a post I called “How Would Jesus Tackle?” where I candidly shared that I was afraid some people might misinterpret my aggressive play on the football as “unChristlike”. So many of the men who come to our groups and are currently in the grip of pornography and sex addiction also believe that their highest calling is to simply be nice and to stay out of trouble. God has created us for a much bigger story and He is calling men to step out into courage and to leave behind the passive, nice-guy living that often gets us into trouble.

We need to live the bigger story.

The videos below speak to that bigger story. As you watch them, get in touch with what is going on deep down in your gut. What is being stirred? Have you defined masculinity too narrowly? Do you spend your time trying to avoid conflict at all costs or resolving the inevitable conflict that arises in life?

Watch these videos in order and give us your feedback. In Ephesians 4, Paul tells us to “put off the old self”. These videos speak to the new things we are to put on in their place.

Are you settling for safe and nice? God is calling you into an epic story full of adventure and excitement. If you have been taken out and are standing on the sidelines, Route1520 wants to help you get back into the game.

Join our movement toward Authentic Manhood.

So many men are trying desperately to keep the peace and to not rock the boat. God hasn’t called us to be nice, but to be dangerous and courageous; not to avoid conflict, but to resolve conflict.

Don’t miss Ben’s story.

Great clip from the movie “Weather Man” that ends with a fantastic scene between father and son.

The father says “The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same thing. Easy doesn’t enter into grownup life.”

Purpose. We talk about it often, but have most of us found what it is? If your life has been relegated to going to work, coming home, going to work, coming home…there is more! Step into the big story God is writing for you!

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