Here are a few new badges to help us spread the word about Route1520 and the recovery movement that is currently underway. Please feel free to grab any of these that you like, post them to your site, and link back to us here at The code is available at the end of this post.

To post any of these badges on your blog or website, follow these instructions for the HTML code:

  • Decide which badge you want and hold your mouse over it until the filename appears.
  • Substitute the name of the badge that you want with “FILENAME” in the following code:
    <a href= “” target=”blank”><img src=”” border=”0″/></a>
    For example: If you wanted the first graphic that says “grace”, this is what your code would look like:
    <a href= “” target=”blank”><img src=”” border=”0″/></a>

Please let us know where you post these badges! Thanks in advance for helping us get the word out! If you have ideas about more badges, send them our way!

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