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I heard this catchy tune today and it reminded me of a great talk my friend Jim Doggett gave a few weeks ago…

One of the main points that Jim made to that room full of young men has been on my mind since…

“Evil wants to make little of where you have been and much of what is left to do. God wants to flip that and make much of where you have been and little of what is left to do.”

Our growth in the Christian life and the daily transformations that God is bringing about are never as quick or as dramatic as we would like for them to be. Evil is constantly whispering in our ear…taunting us with our past failures and shortcomings and encouraging us to give up and throw in the towel. When we look to the future, evil shouts “you’ll never get there”, or “it will be too hard”, or “how will you ever figure out where you are going?”

My youngest two have been at my parent’s farm all week this week. When I see them tonight, I will most likely notice slight changes because in the last week that they have been gone, they will have grown. This growth is happening all the time, but when I see them everyday, I don’t notice the subtle changes that their growth brings about. When I see them in the morning and my mind is comparing their image to what I saw the night before, the change is so slight that I can’t see any contrast. When a week goes by, however, enough time has passed for me to pick up change that their growth has brought about.

Rather than allowing evil to beat us up over our past, let’s take a long look and realize “just how far we’ve come.” Instead of comparing yourself to the way you were yesterday, why not remember where you were 6 months ago…a year ago…5 years ago…20 years ago. If you keep a journal, go back and read entries from June of 2009 or even June of 1999. Most likely you will be amazed and encouraged by the growth you have experienced spiritually between now and then.

As you look to the future, God wants you to realize it is not a big deal because He is leading the way. Your recovery…your sanctification…your changed life is in His hands and is in His control. Ours is to simply live in the moment in absolute freedom because of the finished work of Christ.

Watch the video again and remember. Remember how far you’ve come and celebrate! God is at work in you and no matter where you find yourself today…He is not finished with you yet!

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