Jenny Rain Schmitz

Our UNMASKED series is kicked off by Jenny Rain Schmitz who shares all about her grace journey on her blog Rainmakers and Stormchasers.

I got to know Jenny last year through Twitter and was fortunate to guest post for her during “Man Week” featured on her blog last summer. Jenny’s journey has included growing up with a homosexual father, enduring domestic violence, being abandoned by her husband, divorce, and “the back-side of the desert”. Through it all, she has come to know the redemptive story that God was writing all along.

As you’ll discover in her video below, Jenny “has followed the path of the storm, and has found the Rainmaker.” Enjoy!

Jenny talks about what it took for her to “break up with the masks”.

What about you? Have you broken up with your masks? If so, what did it take? If not, what will it take?

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