Let’s face it, it is very easy to do.

All the way back to the garden, we’ve been hiding and trying to cover up who we really are. But, because the Gospel is true, we no longer have to hide and isolate. We don’t have to pose and pretend anymore.

This week we are going to be talking a great deal about the various masks that we wear, why we wear them, and what it looks like to begin to lay them aside and walk in the truth of the Gospel.

We have some exciting guests who will be joining us this week as we discuss this important topic. Jenny Rain, Serena Woods, Shelley Hendrix, and Sarah Markley will join the Route1520 Team and will share openly and honestly from their own grace stories. Each of these women have experienced God lovingly removing their masks and other means of coping with life and have emerged living with a beautiful limp.

Our discussion will culminate Sunday night on Route1520 Radio as our team shares from our own stories of brokenness. Join the discussion! We want to hear from you!

Jenny | Serena | Shelley | Sarah

Here’s the lineup:
Wednesday: Jenny Rain Schmitz
Thursday: Serena Woods
Friday: Shelley Hendrix
Saturday: Sarah Markley
Sunday: Route1520 Radio: UNMASKED, 8-9 PM CST on familynetradio.com

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