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No matter how hard we try, more knowledge does not lead to better behavior. The missing element for most men who are diligently trying to overcome an addiction to pornography and sexual brokenness is community with other men. We often talk about accountability, but most men do not have authentic community first.


Our recovery portal provides a safe environment where men can begin to experience the freedom of connecting with others at a place of weakness instead of the energy required to try to impress with strength. Lock arms with other men who are also on this healing journey!

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Learning To Connect At Weakness

Our Christ-centered Approach to Recovery

Through our Christ-centered recovery groups, EMBARK Men’s Recovery Intensive, and our online recovery portal, Route1520 is creating a culture of authenticity and transparency where individuals can be free to connect at weakness and not feel the need to impress with strength.


The Gospel is at the center of our program and the truths men are discovering are fleshed out in authentic community. Route1520 is built on the firm belief that individuals cannot change through mere willpower or simply learning Biblical principles and trying to carry them out. We believe that change takes place within community as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ more deeply into our understanding and into our hearts. This process is a journey and not a quick-fix formula.


We believe that there are two things necessary for lasting change to take place in an individual’s life: he/she must hear the truth of the Gospel–that, because of the finished work of Christ, God loves them as they are and not as they should be–and that this truth must be fleshed-out within the context of authentic, safe community where the individual can be loved and accepted for who they are.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to pornography and/or sex, we provide confidential coaching and counseling that offers hope and help in a difficult situation. If your church or organization is interested in starting a Christ-centered recovery community, we have a process for helping to launch a group as well as training for group facilitators.


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